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Our +EV optimizer shows PrizePicks props that have matching sportsbook lines that are highly favored. Look for props that are -140 or better at multiple books.
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Optimize Your PrizePicks Slips

The PrizePicks optimizer looks at real-time odds at multiple sportsbooks, to find you +EV edge for your PrizePicks slips. Because most SportsBooks set lines independantly, when lines move due to weather, injuries, or other news, these moves happen in the market faster than PrizePicks adjusts their lines. Using the Optimizer you can see in real-time where the market is, and lock in value before PrizePicks bumps or takes down props.

Why do props and lines change throughout the day?

PrizePicks only has a portion of props on their board at any given time. Any props that are too juiced in a direction the will not put on the board, as they want to list props that are as close to 50/50 for outcome. This means that if breaking news suddenly changes the odds on something, PrizePicks might remove that prop or put it onto the board. The PrizePicks Optimizer is constantly refreshing the PrizePicks board and sportsbook data, so you have a real-time view into both.

What are PrizePicks bumps?

Bumps are when PrizePicks increases the prop line above or below SportsBooks lines. Because Prize Picks only has two outcomes to play (more or less), if something is too skewed in one direction they will adjust the line to bring that play closer to 50/50. For example, if Steph Curry has a line of 4.5 three points made, and SportsBooks are carrying this prop at -145 or higher, that means it is heavily favored that Steph will go over 4.5. So PrizePicks will 'bump' the line to 5, which is closer to a 50/50 outcome. Using the optimizer you can beat these bumps and lock in an edge if you look for plays that are in the -140s across multiple books.

How to predict when a line is about to be bumped?

Typically PrizePicks will bump a play when multiple books are in the -130s or -140s. This indicates that one side is now favored, so they will want to bring it back closer to 50/50. If you see odds in the -150s or higher, consider those at risk of immediate bumping, and you should look to lock those in fast!