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Get the latest breaking news on confirmed and reported injuries. All players listed below are considered 'OUT' across our suite of tools including our fantasy projections and lineup optimizer.

Breaking News NFL Injuries

Daily Fantasy Fuel constantly tracks the latest confirmed injuries and player status updates from a variety of sources. An injury to a star player means that someone further down in the depth charts will be getting a promotion, and you can expect their targets and production to go up with it. A big injury can also trigger a movement in point-spreads, especially if it's a quarterback or star receiver. Being up to speed on who's out for Sunday is essential to NFL DFS and gaining an edge in sports betting.

When are NFL injuries announced?

The NFL is the most thorough of all sports when it comes to injury reporting, with two different types of reports that teams have to submit. The first type is a "Practice Report" which teams have to submit on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by 4PM Eastern Time. The second type, which is much more important is the "Game Status" report which teams have to submit on Fridays by 4PM Eastern time.

What is in an NFL Practice Report?

The Practice Report is usually the first heads up that someone might be out come Sunday. The practice report contains 3 different status indicators: "Did Not Participate", "Limited Participation" and "Full Participation". The first two imply an injury is impacting practice, with "Full Participation" being a healthy status.

What is in a Friday NFL "Game Status" Report?

The Game Status report is where we see a lot of big news breaking, and often when we end up revising our projections the most. The Game Status report also contains 3 status indicators: "Out", "Doubtful" and "Questionable". The official NFL definitions are that 'Out' means a player absolutely won't play on Sunday, 'Doubtful' means that there's at least a 75% change they sit out, and questionable means it's 50-50 whether they play or sit on Sunday.

What about NFL Game Day injury news?

For those players that were listed as 'Doubtful' or 'Questionable' on Friday's Game Status report, updates can and will trickle in right up to game time. Sunday morning can be the busiest time for late breaking news, sometimes resulting in big changes to projections and odds, especially when it's a Quarterback or star receiver involved. Even players that weren't on the radar early in the week for an injury or illness can get caught up in late breaking news, especially if it's related to COVID protocols and potential exposure.