NHL Lineups are announced throughout the day on twitter and other sources. Since many NHL line combinations often post just minutes before game time, we are constantly updating this page. Each posted line shows even strengh lines, powerplay lines, confirmed starting goalies, and vegas odds for the matchup.

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When are game day NHL line combinations released?

The NHL is a bit more loose about publishing their starting lines than other leagues. It's normal for coaches to reveal starting goalies as early as the night before a game, with full starting lineups being published anywhere from 4 hours to minutes before the puck drops.

What positions are on a hockey line?

A line in hockey is a group of skaters that play together in a group. A forward line is made up of a left winger, center, and right wing player. This forward line will pair with 2 defensemen, who together make up the 5 skaters on the ice in an even-strength line.

What is a Power Play line in hockey?

A Power Play line is a specialized line that is made up of 5 players that hit the ice when the other team has been called for a penalty and will be forced to play shorthanded. These players are going to draw more minutes on the ice, and have more scoring opportunities than those players from the team not on a Power Play line. In DFS hockey, you'll want to lock in players who get more time on ice, and Power Play lines equate to more time on ice.

How long is a Power Play in hockey?

A power play can typically last between 2 and 5 minutes, depending on how serious the penalty called was. For minor penalties, a power play will last 2 minutes. For major penalties like spearing and fighting, players have to sit in the penalty box for 5 minutes.

What is a Penalty Kill Unit in hockey?

A penalty kill unit, or PK Unit as it is often abbreviated, is a line of defense oriented players that goes on the ice when a team is down a player or two due to a penalty. This short-handed situation is not ideal for fantasy point scoring, outside of getting some blocked shots. This is a unit that is going to be comprised of defense oriented skaters, usually pairing 2 more defensive forwards, with one of the regular defensive pairs.