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Our prop explorer makes it easy to compare PrizePicks props with the latest odds & lines at sportsbooks. This tool includes both bumped lines as well as matching lines.
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Research 100s of PrizePicks player props

Our PrizePicks prop explorer pulls in 100s of player props from PrizePicks and crunches hit rates, trends, and matchups in real-time. Use our advanced filters to slice and dice data to find the best spots and edge!

What are good player prop hit rates to target?

We color code hit rates to highlight good rates for each time period. For L10 (Last 10 Games), we color code 70% or better as green, as this means the player has exceeded that line in 7 or more of the last 10 games. Props that have hit in only 4,5, or 6 of the last 10 games are colored orange as a warning this prop has been inconsistent, and props that are hitting in 3 or less of the last 10 games are colored red. For props with low hit rates, it's important to look at what else is going on with the game, whether potentially another player is injured and minutes for the player are expected to increase, or if the opponent puts up a very weak defense against that prop type. When players are expected to see more usage or an increase in minutes, it can make sense to play a prop even though the historical hit rates do not support it.

What are the best PrizePicks player props for tonight?

There are a number of factors to consider in what makes for the best player prop on PrizePicks. We suggest looking at recent trends (hit rates), H2H trends (how the player has performed in the past against this team), and defense vs position to find opponents who are allowing high volume against the prop and position. Equally very important is to look at real-time odds from books to find props that are +EV at PrizePicks. For the best +EV plays use our PrizePicks NBA Optimizer, a tool which compares real-time book odds and lines against PrizePicks lines to reveal plays that the sharpest of players and books are favoring.

What is a player prop hit streak (STRK)?

Streaks are when players have cleared their prop line in X games in a row. If you see a '6' under the 'STRK' field, it means that this player has had 6 or more of that prop type in all 6 of their 6 last games. This is a good sign that the player is on a hot streak and might continue to perform at a high level. For bumped props, we will also in brackets show a number with a 'P' next to it. For example, '6P' means that this player has pushed or better against this prop 6 games in a row. Since a push is not a loss, this stat can reveal props that are almost as a good as a clean hit streak, since having push protection on a play is valuable in itself.

How to predict when a line is about to be bumped?

Typically PrizePicks will bump a play when multiple books are in the -130s or -140s. This indicates that one side is now favored, so they will want to bring it back closer to 50/50. If you see odds in the -150s or higher, consider those at risk of immediate bumping, and you should look to lock those in fast!