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Vegas spreads, money lines, and the over / under are visualized below to help start your weekly DFS Football research. We color code the Vegas over / under to identify projected high, average and low scoring matchups, based on averages collected from the last 3 seasons.

Vegas Projected Point Totals

We've color coded the over / under to make it easy to find games with high and low scores projected. Our cut-offs are based on the results from the past 3 seasons. The average NFL game total during this time has been just under 45 points. Games with projected scores of 42 or less points we flag as red, as they are low scoring games that in a big Sunday slate you'll want to avoid - the odds aren't on your side. These games can make for good DST picks if they are low scoring but heavily favor one side. Anything over 47 points we consider a high scoring game, that you should look to pick up players from the favored team.